Fredric Lehne



Lieu de naissance:

Buffalo, New York, USA:


The Greatest Showman (2017)
as Benjamin Hallett
Greater (2016)
as Coach Bender
Tallulah (2016)
as Russell
Split (2016)
as Dave
Money (2016)
as Carl
The Runner (2015)
as Senator Owens
Bottled Up (2013)
as Agent Rodgers
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
as Exchange Security Chief
Dynamite (2004)
as Tom Baxter
Air Strike (2004)
Do It for Uncle Manny (2002)
as Tommy (as Fred Lane)
Octopus 2: River of Fear (2001)
as Walter
Terror Tract (2001)
as Louis Freemont
Submerged (2000)
as Richard Layton
Fortress 2 (2000)
as Gordon
Balloon Farm (1999)
as Jake Johnson
Inferno (1998)
as Lt. Sympson
Temple of Desire (1998)
as (as Fred Lane)
Men in Black (1997)
as INS agent Janus
Two Voices (1997)
as David Anneken
Con Air (1997)
as Pilot
Payback (1997)
as Sgt. Brian Kaleen
Man's Best Friend (1993)
as Perry
Dream Lover (1993)
as Larry
Deadly Game (1991)
as Osiris
This Gun for Hire (1991)
as Mather
Amityville: The Evil Escapes (1989)
as Father Kibbler
Billionaire Boys Club (1987)
as Christopher 'Chris' Fairmount, Jr.
American Harvest (1987)
as Roger Duncan
The Seduction of Gina (1984)
as David Breslin
This Girl For Hire (1983)
as Peter
The Children Nobody Wanted (1981)
as Tom Butterfield
Baby Comes Home (1980)
as Franklin Kramer
Ordinary People (1980)
as Lazenby
All God's Children (1980)
as Howard Naponic
Seizure: The Story of Kathy Morris (1980)
as Patrick Morris
Masters ()
as Col. Quincy Padroza
Shy Guys (2016)
Shy Guys (2016)
Original Music Composer
Shy Guys (2016)