Mildred Dunnock



Lieu de naissance:

Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.:


The Pick-up Artist (1987)
as Nellie
Isabel's Choice (1981)
as Helen
The Patricia Neal Story (1981)
as Herself
The Big Stuffed Dog (1981)
as Petey's Grandmother
Baby Comes Home (1980)
as Serena Fox
And Baby Makes Six (1979)
as Serena Fox
The Best Place to Be (1979)
as Rose Price
Dragonfly (1976)
as Miss Barrow
The Spiral Staircase (1975)
as Mrs. Sherman
Murder or Mercy (1974)
as Lois Harelson
A Summer Without Boys (1973)
as Mrs. LaCava
A Brand New Life (1973)
as Mother
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969)
as Miss Tinsley
Death of a Salesman (1966)
as Linda Loman
7 Women (1966)
as Jane Argent
Youngblood Hawke (1964)
as Mrs. Sarah Hawke
Behold a Pale Horse (1964)
as Zaganar
Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)
as tante Nonnie
Something Wild (1961)
as Mrs. Gates
BUtterfield 8 (1960)
as Mrs. Wandrous
The Story on Page One (1959)
as Mrs. Ellis
The Nun's Story (1959)
as Sister Margharita
Peyton Place (1957)
as Miss Elsie Thornton
Baby Doll (1956)
as Aunt Rose Comfort
Love Me Tender (1956)
as Martha Reno
The Trouble with Harry (1955)
as Mrs. Wiggs
Hansel and Gretel (1954)
Bad for Each Other (1953)
as Mrs. Mary Owen
The Jazz Singer (1953)
as Ruth Golding
The Girl in White (1952)
as Dr. Marie Yeomans
Viva Zapata! (1952)
as Senora Espejo
I Want You (1951)
as Sarah Greer
Death of a Salesman (1951)
as Linda Loman
Kiss of Death (1947)
as Mrs. Rizzo (uncredited)
The Corn Is Green (1945)
as Miss Ronberry
The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944)
as Norma