Jessica Tandy



Lieu de naissance:

London, England:


Nobody's Fool (1994)
as Beryl Peoples
Camilla (1994)
as Camilla Cara
To Dance with the White Dog (1993)
as Cora Peek
Used People (1992)
as Freida
Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)
as Ninny Threadgoode
The Story Lady (1991)
as Grace McQueen
Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
as Daisy Werthan
Cocoon: The Return (1988)
as Alma Finley
The House on Carroll Street (1988)
as Miss Venable
*batteries not included (1987)
as Faye Riley
Foxfire (1987)
as Annie Nations
Cocoon (1985)
as Alma Finley
The Bostonians (1984)
as Miss Birdseye
Best Friends (1982)
as Eleanor McCullen
Still of the Night (1982)
as Grace Rice
The World According to Garp (1982)
as Mrs. Fields
The Gin Game (1981)
as Fonsia Dorsey
Butley (1974)
as Edna Shaft
Tennessee Williams' South (1973)
The Birds (1963)
as Lydia Brenner
Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (1962)
as Mrs. Adams
The Light in the Forest (1958)
as Myra Butler
The Fourposter (1955)
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)
as Frau Lucie Marie Rommel
September Affair (1950)
as Catherine Lawrence
A Woman's Vengeance (1948)
as Janet Spence
Forever Amber (1947)
as Nan Britton
The Green Years (1946)
as Kate Leckie
Dragonwyck (1946)
as Peggy O'Malley
The Valley of Decision (1945)
as Louise Kane
Blonde Fever (1944)
as Restaurant Patron
The Seventh Cross (1944)
as Liesel Roeder
The Indiscretions of Eve (1932)
as Maid