Marian Seldes



Lieu de naissance:

New York City, New York, USA:


Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life (2012)
as Mabel Billingsly
The Extra Man (2010)
as Vivian Cudlip
Home (2009)
as Peggy
Murnau, Borzage and Fox (2008)
as Herself
August Rush (2007)
as Dekan
The Visitor (2007)
as Barbara
Suburban Girl (2007)
as Margaret Paddleford
Heart of a Hero: A Tribute to Christopher Reeve (2006)
as Herself
Proteus: A Nineteenth Century Vision (2004)
as Narrator (voice)
Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
as President Jocelyn Carr
Broadway: The Golden Age (2003)
as Himself
Hollywood Ending (2002)
as Alexandra
Duets (2000)
as Harriet Gahagan
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)
as Abby Hedley
The Haunting (1999)
as Mrs. Dudley
Home Alone 3 (1997)
as Mrs. Hess
Affliction (1997)
as Alma Pittman
Digging to China (1997)
as Leah Schroth
Clarissa (1995)
as Lillian Banion
Truman (1995)
as Eleanor Roosevelt
In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness (1994)
as Justice Susie Sharp
Zits (1988)
as Miss Maple
Gertrude Stein and a Companion! (1987)
as Alice B. Toklas
Fingers (1978)
as Ruth
The Star Wagon (1966)
as Marian
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
as Herodias
Crime and Punishment USA (1959)
as Debbie Cole
The Big Fisherman (1959)
as Arnon
Panic Button (1957)
as Kate Sullivan
The Young Stranger (1957)
as Mrs. Morse