Howard C. Hickman



Lieu de naissance:

Columbia, Missouri, USA:


Sakima and the Masked Marvel (1966)
as Warren Hamilton
The Masked Marvel (1943)
as Warren Hamilton
Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942)
as Blake Norton, Tarzan's Lawyer
I Was Framed (1942)
as Stuart Gaines (as Howard Hickman)
Lady for a Night (1942)
as Civil War General (uncredited)
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (1941)
as Stephen Chandler
Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941)
as Col. Andrews
Belle Starr (1941)
as Colonel Thornton (as Howard Hickman)
Blossoms in the Dust (1941)
as Senator
Hurricane Smith (1941)
as Sen. Bradley
Lady from Louisiana (1941)
as Judge William Harding
Robbers of the Range (1941)
as Roy Tremaine
Back Street (1941)
as Williams
Robin Hood of the Pecos (1941)
as Colonel Davis
Four Mothers (1941)
as Music Foundation Director
Uncle Joe (1941)
as Mr. Jones
Little Men (1940)
as Doctor
Strike Up the Band (1940)
as Doctor
Spring Parade (1940)
as Colonel (uncredited)
Boom Town (1940)
as McCreery's Associate #1 (uncredited)
They Drive by Night (1940)
as The Judge
Island of Doomed Men (1940)
as Judge (uncredited)
Gangs of Chicago (1940)
as Judge Whitaker
Dark Command (1940)
as Southerner Orating for Votes
Bullet Code (1940)
as John Matthews
It All Came True (1940)
as Mr. Prendergast
Virginia City (1940)
as Confederate Gen. Page
Castle on the Hudson (1940)
as The Judge
Slightly Honorable (1939)
as Sen. Sam Scott
Gone with the Wind (1939)
as John Wilkes
The Return of Doctor X (1939)
as Chairman
The Kansas Terrors (1939)
as Governor-General del Montez (as Howard Hickman)
Espionage Agent (1939)
as Walter Forbes
Thunder Afloat (1939)
as Surgeon
The Under-Pup (1939)
as Business Man
The Angels Wash Their Faces (1939)
as Judge Wilson
When Tomorrow Comes (1939)
as Wealthy Man
On Borrowed Time (1939)
as Chief Surgeon
Good Girls Go to Paris (1939)
as Jeffers - Brand's Butler
The Kid From Texas (1939)
as Doctor at Polo Grounds
Everybody's Baby (1939)
as Dr. Jenkins
Three Smart Girls Grow Up (1939)
as Conference Room Businessman
Trouble in Sundown (1939)
as John Cameron
Wife, Husband and Friend (1939)
as Concert Manager
Wings of the Navy (1939)
as Capt. Dreen (uncredited)
Convict's Code (1939)
as Prison Warden
Kentucky (1938)
as Banker
Next Time I Marry (1938)
as Judge Jonathan Travers
Young Dr. Kildare (1938)
as Dr. Harris
Juvenile Court (1938)
as Governor Stanley
Smashing the Rackets (1938)
as James J. Carew
Woman Against Woman (1938)
as Mr. Jamison
Rascals (1938)
as Judge
Flight Into Nowhere (1938)
as Howard Hammond
Start Cheering (1938)
as Dr. Fosdick
My Old Kentucky Home (1938)
Love Is a Headache (1938)
as Editor Williams (uncredited)
Back in Circulation (1937)
as Judge (uncredited)
Give Till It Hurts (1937)
as Dr. Douglas (as Howard Hickman)
One Hundred Men and a Girl (1937)
as Johnson (as Howard Hickman)
One Mile From Heaven (1937)
as Judge Clarke
Artists & Models (1937)
as Mr. Currie
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)
as Police Doctor
Jim Hanvey, Detective (1937)
as Herbert Frost
The Crime Nobody Saw (1937)
as Robert Mallory
We Who Are About to Die (1937)
as Prison Chaplain
Happy Go Lucky (1936)
as Dr. Wilson
Wild Brian Kent (1936)
as Bob Cruikshank
Libeled Lady (1936)
as Cable Editor (uncredited)
To Mary - with Love (1936)
as Guest
Two Against the World (1936)
as Dr. Maguire
Fury (1936)
as Governor
Too Many Parents (1936)
as Colonel Colman
August Week End (1936)
as Spencer Lee
Hit and Run Driver (1935)
as Dr. Flynn
Too Tough To Kill (1935)
as Billings
It's in the Air (1935)
as Mr. Ruby
I Live My Life (1935)
as Teacher at Terry's Lecture
Little Big Shot (1935)
as The Judge
Woman Wanted (1935)
as Dr. Griffith
Ginger (1935)
as Judge Rogers
Dinky (1935)
as Judge Barlow
Gypsy Sweetheart (1935)
as Mr. Van Updyke
West Point of the Air (1935)
as Army Officer in Former Times
Captain Hurricane (1935)
as Jimmy's Father
Carnival (1935)
as Doctor
Gentlemen Are Born (1934)
as College President
A Lost Lady (1934)
as Dr. Barlow (uncredited)
Death on the Diamond (1934)
as Dr. Cushman
The Personality Kid (1934)
as Joan's Doctor
Here Comes the Navy (1934)
as Captain
The Defense Rests (1934)
as Judge
Upperworld (1934)
as Judge (uncredited)
Gambling Lady (1934)
as Divorce Judge (uncredited)
Mystery Liner (1934)
as Dr. Howard
Hi, Nellie! (1934)
as Dr. John W. Wilson
The Hot Spot (1931)
The Broadway Hoofer (1929)
as Larry (as Howard Hickman)
Alias Jimmy Valentine (1928)
as Mr. Lane (as Howard Hickman)
Rose o' Paradise (1918)
as Lafe Grandoken
Social Ambition (1918)
as Vincent Manton (as Howard Hickman)
Madam Who (1918)
as Henry Morgan
The Jungle Child (1916)
as Ridgeway Webb
Civilization (1916)
as Count Ferdinand
The Making of Bobby Burnit (1914)
as Daniel Johnson
The White Lie (1918)