Olaf Hytten




The Imperfect Lady (1947)
as Butler
Bells of San Angelo (1947)
as Lionel Bates
Alias Mr. Twilight (1946)
as Eckles
Black Beauty (1946)
as Mr. Gordon
Scotland Yard Investigator (1945)
as Purvis
The Woman in Green (1945)
as Norris
The Brighton Strangler (1945)
as Banks, the valet
House of Frankenstein (1944)
as Hoffman
Leave It to the Irish (1944)
as Butler
The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944)
as Cabman Gray
Detective Kitty O'Day (1944)
as Charles - Wentworth's Butler
Drums of Fu Manchu (1943)
as Dr. Petrie
Casablanca (1942)
as Pickpocketed Prosperous Man (uncredited)
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (1942)
as Admiral Sir John Fabian Prentiss
Spy Ship (1942)
as Drake, the Butler
The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
as Adolph Hussman
Bedtime Story (1941)
as Alfred
The Wolf Man (1941)
as Villager
Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941)
as Butler
When Ladies Meet (1941)
as Matthews, Bridget's Butler (uncredited)
Washington Melodrama (1941)
as Parry
That Hamilton Woman (1941)
as Gavin
Arise, My Love (1940)
as Employee
The Howards of Virginia (1940)
as Witt
No Time for Comedy (1940)
as Pearson
Captain Caution (1940)
as Stannage's Officer Aide
Escape to Glory (1940)
as Agent
Gaucho Serenade (1940)
as Norton School Headmaster
Drums of Fu Manchu (1940)
as Dr. Petrie
Calling Philo Vance (1940)
as Charles
The Earl of Chicago (1940)
as Hodges
Rio (1939)
as Banker
We Are Not Alone (1939)
as Mr. Clark
Allegheny Uprising (1939)
as General Gage
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
as Butler
Television Spy (1939)
as Wagner
The Great Commandment (1939)
as Nathan
Our Leading Citizen (1939)
as Charles, the Butler
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (1939)
as Mr. Higgenbotham
The Sun Never Sets (1939)
as Statesman
Broadway Serenade (1939)
as Hotel Manager
The Flying Irishman (1939)
as Irish Airport Radio Operator
The Lady and the Mob (1939)
as Brewster - Hattie's Butler
The Little Princess (1939)
as Pedestrian Discussing the War
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1939)
as Island Police Arresting Sergeant
Youth Takes a Fling (1938)
as Dunham's Butler
Blond Cheat (1938)
as Paul Douglas
The Lone Wolf in Paris (1938)
as Jenkins
Ebb Tide (1937)
as English Tourist
Souls at Sea (1937)
as Proprietor (uncredited)
I Cover the War (1937)
as Sir Herbert
Dangerous Holiday (1937)
as Popcorn
The Grand Bounce (1937)
as Furrier (uncredited)
We Have Our Moments (1937)
as Steward
With Love and Kisses (1936)
as Dickson
White Hunter (1936)
as Barton
Libeled Lady (1936)
as Reporter (uncredited)
Sons O' Guns (1936)
as Sentry
Doughnuts and Society (1936)
as Wellington
Sutter's Gold (1936)
as Johann, Waiter
The White Angel (1936)
as Orderly in Dr. Hunt's Office
Atlantic Adventure (1935)
as Ship's Doctor
Bonnie Scotland (1935)
as Scottish Recruiting Sergeant (uncredited)
The Florentine Dagger (1935)
as Scotland Yard Radio Operator
Vanessa: Her Love Story (1935)
as Herries Family Member
The Little Minister (1934)
as Cruickshank - Villager
Red Morning (1934)
as McTavish
The Painted Veil (1934)
as Dr. Somerset (uncredited)
Shock (1934)
as Adjutant
Murder in the Private Car (1934)
as Man Asking About Radio (uncredited)
Journal of a Crime (1934)
as Victor - Butler
Design for Living (1933)
as Englishman at Train
Berkeley Square (1933)
as Sir Joshua Reynolds
The Masquerader (1933)
as Doctor
The Eagle and the Hawk (1933)
as Story-Telling Officer at Party
Lost in Limehouse (1933)
as Sheerluck Jones
The Man Called Back (1932)
as Upper Level Court Clerk
Beauty and the Boss (1932)
as Business Associate (uncredited)
Born To Love (1931)
as Aide to Major General
Playboy of Paris (1930)
as Nightclub Waiter
Grumpy (1930)
as Keble
The Better 'Ole (1926)
as German Officer (uncredited)
The Salvation Hunters (1925)
as The Brute
The White Shadow (1924)
as Herbert Barnes
Trapped by the Mormons (1922)
as Elder Marz