Dick Elliott



Lieu de naissance:

Boston, Massachusetts, USA:


Up In Smoke (1957)
as Mike
Bombers B-52 (1957)
as Mr. Sampton (uncredited)
Looking for Danger (1957)
as Mike Clancy
Omar Khayyam (1957)
as Tavern Keeper
Last of the Desperados (1955)
as Walter 'Wally' Stone
The Twinkle In God's Eye (1955)
as Lumber salesman
Double Jeopardy (1955)
as Happy Harry
Witness to Murder (1954)
as Apartment Manager
Park Row (1952)
as Jeff Hudson
Three for Bedroom C (1952)
as Train Passenger
High Noon (1952)
as Kibbee (uncredited)
Fort Defiance (1951)
as Kincaid
September Affair (1950)
as Airplane passenger
Across the Badlands (1950)
as Rufus Downey
Rock Island Trail (1950)
as Martin, Railroad Conductor
Western Pacific Agent (1950)
as Sheriff
The Silver Bandit (1950)
as Van Fleet Stooglehammer (as Richard Elliott)
Trail of the Yukon (1949)
as Editor Sullivan
Night Unto Night (1949)
as Auto Court Manager
Flamingo Road (1949)
as Tom Coyne (uncredited)
Act of Violence (1949)
as Conventioneer Wearing Lampshade (uncredited)
Homicide for Three (1948)
as Doorman at Atwood Towers
Singin' Spurs (1948)
as Mr. Miggs
Money Madness (1948)
as Malt Shop Customer
The Main Street Kid (1948)
as Sam Trotter
Heading For Heaven (1947)
as Roger Wingate
Driftwood (1947)
as Townsman
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
as Man on Porch (uncredited)
Dangerous Money (1946)
as P.T. Burke
High School Hero (1946)
as Mayor Whitehead
That Texas Jamboree (1946)
as Mayor Smith
Rainbow Over Texas (1946)
as Yacht Captain Monroe
Adventure (1945)
as George
Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
as Judge Crothers
Purity Squad (1945)
Girls of the Big House (1945)
as Felton
Star in the Night (1945)
as Traveler
The Clock (1945)
as New Jersey man at Penn Station
Adventures of Kitty O'Day (1945)
as Bascom, Hotel Guest
When Strangers Marry (1944)
as Sam Prescott
Show Business (1944)
as Binoculars Man
Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid (1944)
as Matthews
Swing Out the Blues (1943)
as Malcolm P. Carstairs
Wintertime (1943)
as Husband (uncredited)
Three Hearts For Julia (1943)
as City Desk Editor
Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour (1943)
as J.P. McCluskey
After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943)
as Mr. Potts - Justice of the Peace
The Powers Girl (1943)
as Emcee at Glee Club Competition
Criminal Investigator (1942)
as Brandt
So's Your Aunt Emma! (1942)
as Evans
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (1942)
as Tim Miller
Man From Headquarters (1942)
as Editor Elwin A. Jonas
Road to Happiness (1941)
as Pawnshop Owner
All Through the Night (1941)
as Husband of Losing Bidder (uncredited)
Three Girls About Town (1941)
as Magician Boarding Bus
Manpower (1941)
as Drunk
Sunset in Wyoming (1941)
as Lieutenant Governor Cornelius Peabody
She Knew All the Answers (1941)
as Broker
Mr. District Attorney (1941)
as Detective in Café
Back Street (1941)
as Hotel desk clerk
Four Mothers (1941)
as Ed (uncredited)
Behind the News (1940)
as Foster
Li'l Abner (1940)
as Marryin' Sam
Young Bill Hickok (1940)
as Elliott
Melody Ranch (1940)
as Sheriff Barstow
Up in the Air (1940)
as B. J. Hastings, Station Owner
Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride (1940)
as Airport Agent
I Love You Again (1940)
as Range Leader (uncredited)
One Man's Law (1940)
as Prendergast
The Mortal Storm (1940)
as Passport Official on Train
Florian (1940)
as Auctioneer
Two Girls on Broadway (1940)
as Ice Rink Security Man
Women Without Names (1940)
as Roomer
Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940)
as Politician
All Women Have Secrets (1939)
as Justice of the Peace
The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939)
as Druggist (uncredited)
Pack Up Your Troubles (1939)
as Booking Agent
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
as Carl Cook
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939)
as McKeever
I Stole a Million (1939)
as Small-Town Doctor
Frontier Marshal (1939)
as Drunk
Undercover Agent (1939)
as Garrison - Henchman
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)
as Man Laughing at Demo
Sudden Money (1939)
as Gambler
Let Us Live (1939)
as Rotarian Juror
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939)
as Train Conductor
Boy Trouble (1939)
as Dr. Benshlager
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939)
as Patrol-Car Cop at Italian Restaurant
Another Thin Man (1939)
as Detective
Next Time I Marry (1938)
as Henry
A Man to Remember (1938)
as Hank
Little Miss Broadway (1938)
as Man Carrying Bass Violin Case
Prison Farm (1938)
as The Glenby Judge
Under Western Stars (1938)
as William P. Scully
Start Cheering (1938)
as Station Agent
International Settlement (1938)
as Ocean Liner Passenger
Hide and Shriek (1938)
as Haunted-house proprietor
Quick Money (1937)
as Jeffrey Walker
Tenth Avenue Kid (1937)
as Gun salesman
Vogues of 1938 (1937)
as Johnny Withers - Ticket Broker
Behind The Headlines (1937)
as Bartender
The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937)
as Stumpy Carter
China Passage (1937)
as Philip Burton
Wanted: Jane Turner (1936)
as Arizona Sheepman
The Big Game (1936)
as Lowell
Special Investigator (1936)
as Gabby Citizen
High Tension (1936)
as Sundholm
Brilliant Marriage (1936)
as Editor
Silly Billies (1936)
as Mayor Culpepper
The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936)
as Actor at Ford's Theatre (uncredited)
Her Master's Voice (1936)
as Police Captain
Dr. Socrates (1935)
as Photographer
Ladies Crave Excitement (1935)
as Starke's Aide
Break of Hearts (1935)
as Max - Florist (uncredited)
We're Rich Again (1934)
as Fred Green
The Merry Frinks (1934)
as Reporter
Woman Unafraid (1934)
as Tom Brady
Please (1933)
as Sonny's Father
Stage Mother (1933)
as Party Guest