Richard Alexander



Lieu de naissance:

Dallas, Texas, USA:


Spaceship To The Unknown (1966)
as Prince Barin
The Big Country (1958)
as Party Guest - Oceans (uncredited)
The Two Gun Teacher (1954)
as Luke Barstow
Do Someone a Favor! (1954)
as Irate Husband (uncredited)
Dangerous When Wet (1953)
as Egyptian Channel swimmer
Night Stage to Galveston (1952)
as Patrol Headquarters Leader
Silver Canyon (1951)
as Henchman Luke Anders
The Scarf (1951)
as Barfly
Rock Island Trail (1950)
as Morrow's Henchman
Silent Conflict (1948)
as 1st. Rancher
The Dead Don't Dream (1948)
as Duke - handyman
North of the Border (1946)
as Henchman Tiny (as Dick Alexander)
'Neath Canadian Skies (1946)
as Pete Davis (as Dick Alexander)
Senorita from the West (1945)
as Masseur (uncredited)
Renegades of the Rio Grande (1945)
as Henchman Pete Jackson (as Dick Alexander)
The House of Fear (1945)
as Ralph King
Gunsmoke Mesa (1944)
as Henchman Lear (as Dick Alexander)
Trigger Trail (1944)
as Henchman Waco (as Dick Alexander)
Spook Town (1944)
as Henchman (as Dick Alexander)
Boss of Boomtown (1944)
as The Yuma Kid (as Dick Alexander)
Call of the South Seas (1944)
as Bailey
Oklahoma Raiders (1944)
as Henchman Duggan (as Dick Alexander)
Raiders of the Border (1944)
as Steve Rollins - Henchman (as Dick Alexander)
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
as Marching Rebel Behind King Louis
Hangmen Also Die! (1943)
as Slugger in Theater (uncredited)
King of the Cowboys (1943)
as Joe the Prop Man
In Old California (1942)
as Clem - Dawson's Henchman
Romance on the Range (1942)
as Henchman
The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
as Villager
The Corsican Brothers (1941)
as Castle Guard
Double Trouble (1941)
as Seaman
Sea Raiders (1941)
as Jenkins
Badlands Of Dakota (1941)
as Coach Driver with Rifle
Man from Montana (1941)
as Henchman Kohler (as Dick Alexander)
The Iron Claw (1941)
as Henchman
Riders of Death Valley (1941)
as Henchman Pete Grump
The Lady from Cheyenne (1941)
as Henchman
The Great Dictator (1940)
as Tomainian Prison Guard in 1918 (uncredited)
Rangers of Fortune (1940)
as Water Thug
Wyoming (1940)
as Gus - Henchman
Dark Command (1940)
as Phil - Guerrilla Guarding Seton
Strange Cargo (1940)
as Guard
Death Rides the Range (1939)
as Big Nick Harden
Destry Rides Again (1939)
as Cowboy
Tower of London (1939)
as 2nd Gate Guard Greeting Tom Clink
The Kansas Terrors (1939)
as Nico
Frontier Marshal (1939)
as Curly Bill's Henchman
Captain Fury (1939)
as Guard
Union Pacific (1939)
as Card Player (uncredited)
Mars Attacks the World (1938)
as Prince Barin
Where the Buffalo Roam (1938)
as Sellers
The Mysterious Rider (1938)
as Big Tom Hudson
On the Great White Trail (1938)
as Doc Howe
Six Shootin' Sheriff (1938)
as Bar X Rider Big Boy
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938)
as Prince Barin
The Ship That Died (1938)
as Crewman of Mary Celeste
Where the West Begins (1938)
as Barnes
Zorro Rides Again (1937)
as El Lobo
SOS Coast Guard (1937)
as Thorg
Two-Fisted Sheriff (1937)
as Henchman Bull
The Feud of the Trail (1937)
as Holcomb Brother
Wild Brian Kent (1936)
as Phil Hansen - restaurant manager
The Public Pays (1936)
as Drunken Hood Who Knocks Over Milk Wagon (uncredited)
Flash Gordon (1936)
as Prince Barin
Silly Billies (1936)
as John Little
Modern Times (1936)
as Cellmate
Roarin' Guns (1936)
as 'Bull' Langdon
Tell Your Children (1936)
as Pete Daley - Dope Pusher
Rocket Ship (1936)
as Prince Barin
The Call of the Savage (1935)
as Navigator (archive footage)
The Cowboy and the Bandit (1935)
as Scarface
Born to Battle (1935)
as Nate
Coyote Trails (1935)
as Mack Larkin (as Dick Alexander)
Cowboy Holiday (1934)
as Deputy Walt Gregor (as Dick Alexander)
Fate's Fathead (1934)
as Man Mountain McGinnis
Cleopatra (1934)
as General Philodemas (as Dick Alexander)
Them Thar Hills (1934)
as Moonshiner
George White's Scandals (1934)
as Iceman
Queen Christina (1933)
as Peasant in Crowd (uncredited)
Below the Sea (1933)
as Sailor
The Sign of the Cross (1932)
as Viturius
Scarlet Dawn (1932)
as Pyotyr (uncredited)
Flaming Gold (1932)
as Truck Driver in Cantina
Heroes of the West (1932)
as Frontiersman at Beginning of Each Episode
Two-Fisted Law (1932)
as Henchman Zeke Yokum
Law and Order (1932)
as Kurt Northrup
The Sunset Trail (1932)
as Henchman One-Shot
The Law of the Tong (1931)
as Davy Jones
Suicide Fleet (1931)
as Crew Member
Too Many Cooks (1931)
as Undetermined Role
Young Donovan's Kid (1931)
as Ben Murray
Sunrise Trail (1931)
as Henchman
Rough Waters (1930)
as Little
Redemption (1930)
as Policeman
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
as Westhus
City Girl (1930)
as Mac
The Lone Star Ranger (1930)
as Henchman
Tide of Empire (1929)
as Gold Miner with Whip
The Sin Sister (1929)
as Bob Newton - Trader
The Viking (1928)
as Sigurd
The Cameraman (1928)
as The Big Sea Lion (uncredited)
The Mysterious Lady (1928)
as General's Aide
Old Ironsides (1926)
as Seaman