Jeremy Sisto



Lieu de naissance:

Grass Valley, California, USA:


Dragon Kin (2018)
as Bolger
Ferdinand (2017)
as Ferdinand's Father (voice)
Girl Flu. (2016)
as Arlo
The Second Sound Barrier (2016)
as Roger Valour as The Wild Card
Love Is All You Need? (2016)
as Mr. Thompson
The Other Side of the Door (2016)
as Michael
H8RZ (2015)
as Mr. Faustin
Batman vs. Robin (2015)
as Talon (voice)
Hangman (2015)
as Aaron
Blow Me (2014)
as GoldenBoy
Break Point (2014)
as Jimmy
As Cool as I Am (2013)
as Guy Karlsburg
Alistair MacLean's Air Force One Is Down (2013)
as Fergus Markey
Robot & Frank (2012)
as Sheriff Rowlings
Sironia (2011)
as Tucker
Into Temptation (2009)
as Father John Buertein
Gardens of the Night (2008)
as Jimmy
Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)
as Batman (voice)
Waitress (2007)
as Earl
The Thirst (2007)
as Darius
Broken (2006)
as Will
Unknown (2006)
as Handcuffed Man
Population 436 (2006)
as Steve Kady
In Memory of My Father (2005)
as Jeremy
A Lot Like Love (2005)
as Ben Miller
In Enemy Hands (2005)
as Jason Abers
Method (2004)
as Jake Fields
One Point O (2004)
as Simon
Dead & Breakfast (2004)
as Christian
Thirteen (2003)
as Brady
Wrong Turn (2003)
as Scott
The Movie Hero (2003)
as Blake Gardner / The Movie Hero
ManFast (2003)
as Mica
Julius Caesar (2002)
as Gaius Julius Caesar
Inside (2002)
as Daniel
May (2002)
as Adam Stubbs
Dead Dog (2001)
Angel Eyes (2001)
as Larry Pogue Sr.
Don's Plum (2001)
as Bernard
Takedown (2000)
as Lance 'Icebreaker' Petersen
Jesus (1999)
as Jesus
Trash (1999)
as Sonny James
This Space Between Us (1999)
as Alex Harty
The '60s (1999)
as Kenny Klein
Without Limits (1998)
as Frank Shorter
Suicide Kings (1998)
as T.K.
The Day Lincoln Was Shot (1998)
as Frederick Seward
Bongwater (1997)
as Robert
White Squall (1996)
as Frank Beaumont
Clueless (1995)
as Elton Tiscia
Hideaway (1995)
as Vassago
The Shaggy Dog (1994)
as Trey Miller
The Crew (1994)
as Timothy Grant
Desperate Choices: To Save My Child (1992)
as Josh Ryan
Grand Canyon (1991)
as Roberto
Hangman (2015)
Break Point (2014)
Break Point (2014)
Break Point (2014)