Russell Wong



Lieu de naissance:

Troy, New York, USA:


Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019)
as Wu Zhang
Crazy Rich Asians (2018)
as Russel Wong
无问西东 (2018)
The Jade Pendant (2017)
as Mr. Wong
Contract to Kill (2016)
as Mathew Sharp
Lost in the Pacific (2016)
as Gary Gao
Hafen der Düfte (2013)
as Edward Lim
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011)
as China Everbright Bank CEO
我知女人心 (2011)
as Peter
สามพันโบก (2009)
as Patrick
Dim Sum Funeral (2008)
as Alexander
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)
as Ming Guo
Undoing (2007)
as Leon
Honor (2006)
as Ray
Inside Out (2006)
as Frank
Twisted (2004)
as Lieutenant Tong
The Tracker (2001)
as Rick Tsung
Romeo Must Die (2000)
as Kai
Takedown (2000)
as Tsutomu Shimomura
The Prophecy II (1998)
as Danyael
Vanishing Son IV (1994)
as Jian-Wa
Vanishing Son III (1994)
as Jian-Wa
Vanishing Son II (1994)
as Jian-Wa
Vanishing Son (1994)
as Jian-Wa
The Joy Luck Club (1993)
as Lin Xiao
Geoffrey Beene 30 (1993)
New Jack City (1991)
as Park
China Cry: A True Story (1990)
as Lam Cheng Shen
轟天龍虎會 (1989)
as Bobby Chow
Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989)
as Ben Loy
China Girl (1987)
as Yung Gan
鬼馬校園 (1987)
Tai-Pan (1986)
as Gordon Chen
Ge wu sheng ping (1985)
as Russell