Stuart Graham


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Lieu de naissance:

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK:


The Cured (2018)
as Cantor
The Foreigner (2017)
as Inspector Donal Greig
Bad Day for the Cut (2017)
as Trevor Ballantine
The Secret (2016)
Awaydays (2016)
as Father
Thirteen (2016)
as Angus Moxam
The Hallow (2015)
as Contractor Paul Williams
Peterman (2015)
as Pete
Volkswagen Joe (2013)
as Joe
Milo (2012)
as Brand Mulder
Shadow Dancer (2012)
as Ian Gilmour
Hideaways (2011)
as Un sergent
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
as Minister
Christopher and His Kind (2011)
as Passport Officer
Brendan Smyth: Betrayal of Trust (2011)
as Detective
The Whistleblower (2010)
as McVeigh
Parked (2010)
as George O'Regan
Make it New John (2010)
as Paddy
Hunger (2008)
as Ray Lohan
Small Engine Repair (2006)
as Burley
Omagh (2004)
as Victor Barker
Goldfish Memory (2003)
as Larry
Song For a Raggy Boy (2003)
as Brother Whelan
Sunday (2002)
as RUC Interrogator #2
Misery Harbour (1999)
as John Wakefield
One Man's Hero (1999)
as Corporal Kenneally
Michael Collins (1996)
as Tom Cullen
Occasional, Strong (2002)
First Assistant Camera