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William Benedict



Lieu de naissance:

Haskell, Oklahoma, USA:


Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)
as Telegraph Office Manager
The Sting (1973)
as Roulette Dealer
The Adventures of Nick Carter (1972)
as Newsboy (as William Benedict)
The Hallelujah Trail (1965)
as Simpson
The Killing (1956)
as American Airlines Clerk
Bride of the Monster (1955)
as Newsboy
The Magnetic Monster (1953)
as Albert
Let's Go Navy! (1951)
as Whitey
Ghost Chasers (1951)
as Whitey
Lucky Losers (1950)
as Whitey (as William Benedict)
Blonde Dynamite (1950)
as Whitey, aka Whitmore (as William Benedict)
Master Minds (1949)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Angels in Disguise (1949)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Hold That Baby! (1949)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Riders of the Pony Express (1949)
as Eddie Lund (as Billy Benedict)
Fighting Fools (1949)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Trouble Makers (1949)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Smugglers' Cove (1948)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Angels' Alley (1948)
as Whitey
Bowery Buckaroos (1947)
as Whitey
Merton of the Movies (1947)
as Von Strutt's Assistant (uncredited)
News Hounds (1947)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947)
as Whitey
Mr. Hex (1946)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
Never Say Goodbye (1946)
as Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Spook Busters (1946)
as Whitey
Bowery Bombshell (1946)
as Whitey
In Fast Company (1946)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
One More Tomorrow (1946)
as Stinky
Do You Love Me (1946)
as Singing Western Union Boy (uncredited)
Without Reservations (1946)
as Telegraph Delivery Boy
Gay Blades (1946)
as Newsboy (uncredited)
Live Wires (1946)
as Whitey (as Billy Benedict)
People Are Funny (1946)
as NBC Usher
Come Out Fighting (1945)
as Skinny (as Billy Benedict)
Mr. Muggs Rides Again (1945)
as Skinny
Docks of New York (1945)
as Skinny
Bowery Champs (1944)
as Skinny (as Bill Benedict)
I Won't Play (1944)
as Florida (as William Benedict)
They Live in Fear (1944)
as Thomas 'Mack' Knight (uncredited)
That's My Baby! (1944)
as Office boy
Block Busters (1944)
as Butch (as Billy Benedict)
Follow the Leader (1944)
as Spider O'Brien
The Whistler (1944)
as The Deafmute (uncredited)
Million Dollar Kid (1944)
as Skinny
Whispering Footsteps (1943)
as Jerry Murphy (as Billy Benedict)
Mr. Muggs Steps Out (1943)
as Pinky (as Billy Benedict)
Adventures of the Flying Cadets (1943)
as Zombie Parker
Ghosts on the Loose (1943)
as Benny
All By Myself (1943)
as Telegraph Messenger
Aerial Gunner (1943)
as Pvt. Jackson 'Sleepy' Laswell (as William Benedict)
The Ox-Bow Incident (1943)
as Green (uncredited)
The Powers Girl (1943)
as Office Boy
Heart of the Golden West (1942)
as Telegraph Messenger
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1942)
as Theatre Usher
Wildcat (1942)
as Bud Smithers
The Talk of the Town (1942)
as Western Union Boy (uncredited)
Junior G-Men of the Air (1942)
as Whitey
Perils of Nyoka (1942)
as Red Davis
I Live on Danger (1942)
as Bellboy
Home in Wyomin' (1942)
as Usher (uncredited)
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941)
as Ice Cream Man
Jesse James at Bay (1941)
as Young Davis
Dressed to Kill (1941)
as Singing Telegram Boy
In Old Cheyenne (1941)
as Train Vendor
Give Us Wings (1940)
as Link (as Billy Benedict)
Second Chorus (1940)
as Ticket Taker
The Mad Doctor (1940)
as Mickey Barnes - Copy Boy
Melody Ranch (1940)
as Slim
Young People (1940)
as Boy (uncredited)
Rhythm on the River (1940)
as Elevator Boy
The Great McGinty (1940)
as Farm Boy (uncredited)
Lucky Partners (1940)
as Delivery Boy
Adventures of Red Ryder (1940)
as Dan Withers
Grand Ole Opry (1940)
as Newsboy (uncredited)
And One Was Beautiful (1940)
as Delivery Man
My Little Chickadee (1940)
as Lem
Legion of the Lawless (1940)
as Eddie
Pack Up Your Troubles (1939)
as Office Boy
Hollywood Hobbies (1939)
as Tour Guide
Code of the Streets (1939)
as Trouble
Newsboys' Home (1938)
as Trouble
Say It in French (1938)
as Red-Haired Boy
Little Tough Guys in Society (1938)
as Trouble
Hold That Co-ed (1938)
as Sylvester
Young Fugitives (1938)
as Jud
Hold That Kiss (1938)
as Delivery Boy
King of the Newsboys (1938)
as Squimpy
Walking Down Broadway (1938)
as Eddie
Bringing Up Baby (1938)
as David's Caddy (uncredited)
I Met My Love Again (1938)
as Billy - Boy at Party
Tim Tyler's Luck (1937)
as Spud
That I May Live (1937)
as Kurt Plivens
Tramp Trouble (1937)
Flying Fists (1937)
as Monk, Tall Kid
Rhythm in the Clouds (1937)
as Bellboy
They Wanted to Marry (1937)
as Freckles
Laughing at Trouble (1936)
as Wilbur
Theodora Goes Wild (1936)
as Copyboy at Lynnfield Bugle
Libeled Lady (1936)
as Joe
Ramona (1936)
as Joseph Hyar
M'Liss (1936)
as Archer Morpher
Captain January (1936)
as Telegram Delivery Boy
The Witness Chair (1936)
as Benny Ryan
The Country Doctor (1936)
as The Gawker
Your Uncle Dudley (1935)
as Cyril Church
Show Them No Mercy! (1935)
as Willie (uncredited)
Way Down East (1935)
as Amos
Steamboat Round the Bend (1935)
as Breck
Doubting Thomas (1935)
as Caddie
College Scandal (1935)
as 'Penny' Parker