Frank LaRue



Lieu de naissance:

Ridgeway, Ohio, USA:


Courtin' Trouble (1948)
as Judge Madison
The Sheriff of Medicine Bow (1948)
as Jim Carson (as Frank La Rue)
The Fuller Brush Man (1948)
as Irate Radio-Listener (uncredited)
Frontier Agent (1948)
as Dell Carson
Whirlwind Raiders (1948)
as Wilson (uncredited)
Crossed Trails (1948)
as Judge
Gun Talk (1947)
as Simpson - Banker (as Frank La Rue)
Prairie Express (1947)
as Jarrett
The Law Comes to Gunsight (1947)
as Mayor Jim Blaine
Law of the Canyon (1947)
as Dentist Kay (uncredited)
Raiders of the South (1947)
as Judge Fry
Under Arizona Skies (1946)
as Jim Simpson
Badman's Territory (1946)
as Jury Foreman (uncredited)
The Gay Cavalier (1946)
as Graham
Frontier Gunlaw (1946)
as Sheriff Kincaid
Border Bandits (1946)
as John Halliday
Frontier Feud (1945)
as Banker Chalmers
Blazing the Western Trail (1945)
as Postal Inspector Spencer
Ghost Guns (1944)
as Judge Kelbro
Laura (1944)
as Hairdresser (uncredited)
West of the Rio Grande (1944)
as Judge Darcy (as Frank La Rue)
The Last Horseman (1944)
as Rance Williams (uncredited)
Devil Riders (1943)
as Tom Farrell
Robin Hood of the Range (1943)
as Carter
Frontier Law (1943)
as Sam Vernon
Saddles and Sagebrush (1943)
as Lafe Parker
Trail Riders (1942)
as Banker Jamison
The Secret Code (1942)
as Weather Bureau Man
The Cyclone Kid (1942)
as Marshal Jack
Lawless Plainsmen (1942)
as Bill Mason
A Missouri Outlaw (1941)
as Randall
The Gunman From Bodie (1941)
as Jud Mason
Prairie Stranger (1941)
as Jim Dawson
The Iron Claw (1941)
as Inspector Cramer
The Son of Davy Crockett (1941)
as Marshal Clint Russell
Hands Across the Rockies (1941)
as Rufe Crawley
Robbers of the Range (1941)
as Frank Higgins
Riders of Black Mountain (1940)
as Judge Harper
Beyond the Sacramento (1940)
as Jeff Adams
Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)
as Jim Morgan
Brigham Young (1940)
as Sheriff
The Range Busters (1940)
as Doc Stengle
Arizona Frontier (1940)
as Farley
Roll Wagons Roll (1940)
as Benson
The Durango Kid (1940)
as Sam Lowry
Haunted House (1940)
as Mr. Brown
The Return of Wild Bill (1940)
as Ole Mitch
Riders of Pasco Basin (1940)
as Joel Madison
The Courageous Dr. Christian (1940)
as Stanley
The Shadow (1940)
as Commissioner Ralph Weston
Westbound Stage (1939)
as Colonel Hale
Oklahoma Terror (1939)
as Fleeing Rancher
Port of Hate (1939)
as Bartley
Riders of the Sage (1939)
as Jim Martin
The Oregon Trail (1939)
as Luke Shaver
Down the Wyoming Trail (1939)
as McClellan
Mesquite Buckaroo (1939)
as Jim Bond
Sundown on the Prairie (1939)
as Graham
In Old Montana (1939)
as Theodore Jason
Convict's Code (1939)
as Orbison's Boss
Feud of the Range (1939)
as Harvey Allen
Trigger Pals (1939)
as Gates
Code of the Fearless (1939)
as Mr. Morrison
Fangs of the Wild (1939)
as The Chief
Lightning Carson Rides Again (1938)
as Sheriff Armstrong
Frontier Scout (1938)
as Mr. Norris
The Mexicali Kid (1938)
as Tom Barnes
Songs and Bullets (1938)
as Mr. Morgan
Knight of the Plains (1938)
as J.C. Rand, Gale's Father
Outlaws of Sonora (1938)
as Coroner
Code of the Rangers (1938)
as Sheriff Dave Sage
Race Suicide (1938)
Colorado Kid (1937)
as Toles
The Fighting Deputy (1937)
as Sheriff Bentley
Danger Valley (1937)
as Pappy Temple
Boothill Brigade (1937)
as Jeff Reynolds
A Lawman Is Born (1937)
as Graham
Moonlight on the Range (1937)
as Jedd Brooks
The Fighting Texan (1937)
as Joe Walton
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin (1937)
as Boone Dawson
You Can't Buy Luck (1937)
as Mr. Brand
Bar-Z Bad Men (1937)
as Hamp Harvey
Left-Handed Law (1937)
as John Golden
Trail of Vengeance (1937)
as Tilden
Lightnin' Crandall (1937)
as Wes Shannon
Man Of The People (1937)
as Judge (uncredited)
General Spanky (1936)
as Slavemaster
The Phantom Rider (1936)
as Judge Holmes
Tell Your Children (1936)
as Bill's Lawyer
The Singing Vagabond (1935)
as Colonel Seward
She Couldn't Take It (1935)
as Prisoner
The Girl Who Came Back (1935)
as Detective Burke
Stranded (1935)
as Immigration Officer (uncredited)
Motive for Revenge (1935)
as Warden
Marie Galante (1934)
as Port Inspector
The Fighting Ranger (1934)
as Ranger Captain Wilkes
The Quitter (1934)
as Townsman
A Man of Sentiment (1933)
as Sergeant Muldoon
Gordon of Ghost City (1933)
as Hord
Flying Devils (1933)
as Al Kern
Strange People (1933)
as Kelly
The Thrill Hunter (1933)
as Rancher Hall
Parole Girl (1933)
as Detective Mallory
Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932)
as Senator
Once in a Lifetime (1932)
as The Bishop
The Beast of the City (1932)
as Policeman #3 on Telephone (uncredited)
Sidewalks of New York (1931)
as Sergeant