Alissa Skovbye

Lieu de naissance:

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:


Breakthrough (2019)
as Emma
His Perfect Obsession (2018)
as Abigail
Gourmet Detective: Eat, Drink and Be Buried (2017)
as Abigail
Secrets of My Stepdaughter (2017)
as Addy Kent
Campfire Kiss (2017)
as Lacey
Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective Mystery (2016)
as Abigail
Adventures in Babysitting (2016)
as Claire
My One Christmas Wish (2015)
Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die (2015)
as Abigail
Gourmet Detective (2015)
as Abigail
No Men Beyond This Point (2015)
as Zinia
No Men Beyond This Point (2015)
as Zinnia Jones
One Christmas Eve (2014)
as Emma Blakemore
Forever 16 (2013)
as Kimber
While I Breathe (2011)
as Cate
Personal Effects - The Space Between Loss and Love (2009)
as Beth