Harry Langdon



Lieu de naissance:

Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA:


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Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Films (2011)
as Himself (archive footage)
Days of Thrills and Laughter (1961)
When Comedy Was King (1960)
as edited from 'The First 100 Years'
Swingin' on a Rainbow (1945)
as Chester Willouby
Pistol Packin' Nitwits (1945)
as Harry
Snooper Service (1945)
Mopey Dope (1944)
Hot Rhythm (1944)
as Mr. Whiffle
Defective Detectives (1944)
as Harry
To Heir Is Human (1944)
as Harry Fenner
Spotlight Scandals (1943)
as Oscar Hammond
Here Comes Mr. Zerk (1943)
as Egbert Slipp
Blonde and Groom (1943)
as Harry
A Blitz on the Fritz (1943)
as Egbert Slipp
Piano Mooner (1942)
Carry Harry (1942)
as Harry
Beautiful Clothes (1942)
as Stooge
Tireman, Spare My Tires (1942)
as Harry Langdon
House of Errors (1942)
as Bert
What Makes Lizzy Dizzy? (1942)
as Harry
Double Trouble (1941)
as Albert "Bert" Prattle
All-American Co-Ed (1941)
as Hap Holden
Misbehaving Husbands (1940)
as Henry Butler
Cold Turkey (1940)
as Harry Langdon
Goodness! A Ghost (1940)
Zenobia (1939)
as Professor McCrackle
A Doggone Mixup (1938)
as Harry Langdon
There Goes My Heart (1938)
as Minister (uncredited)
Sue My Lawyer (1938)
as Harry Langdon
I Don't Remember (1935)
as Harry Crump
His Marriage Mix-up (1935)
Atlantic Adventure (1935)
as Snapper McGillicuddy
The Leather Necker (1935)
Love, Honor and Obey (The Law!) (1935)
as Harry
His Bridal Sweet (1935)
as Harry Langdon
Shivers (1934)
as Ichabod Somerset Crop
Counsel on De Fence (1934)
as Darrow Langdon
My Weakness (1933)
as Dan Cupid
The Stage Hand (1933)
as Harry
Hooks and Jabs (1933)
Tied for Life (1933)
as The Groom
Knight Duty (1933)
as Harry
The Hitchhiker (1933)
as The Hitchhiker
Hallelujah I'm a Bum (1933)
as Egghead
Tired Feet (1933)
The Big Flash (1932)
as Harry
A Soldier's Plaything (1930)
as Tim
The King (1930)
as The King
The Shrimp (1930)
as Harry
The Big Kick (1930)
as Harry
The Fighting Parson (1930)
as The Banjo Player
The Head Guy (1930)
as Harry, Temporary Station Master
Skirt Shy (1929)
as Dobbs, the butler
Hotter Than Hot (1929)
Heart Trouble (1928)
as Harry Van Housen
The Chaser (1928)
as The Husband
Fiddlesticks (1927)
as Harry Hogan
Three's a Crowd (1927)
as Harry - the Odd Fellow
His First Flame (1927)
as Harry Howells
Long Pants (1927)
as Harry Shelby
The Strong Man (1926)
as Paul Bergot
Ella Cinders (1926)
as Himself
Soldier Man (1926)
as The Soldier / King Strudel the 13th of Bomania
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926)
as Harry Logan
Saturday Afternoon (1926)
as Harry Higgins
There He Goes (1925)
as Harry
Lucky Stars (1925)
as Harry Lamb
Horace Greeley, Jr. (1925)
Remember When? (1925)
as Harry Hudson
Plain Clothes (1925)
as The Boy
His Marriage Wow (1925)
as The Groom - Harold Hope
Boobs in the Wood (1925)
as The Boy, Chester Winfield
The Sea Squawk (1925)
as An Immigrant
Feet of Mud (1924)
as The Boy, Harry Holdem
All Night Long (1924)
as The Boy
The Hansom Cabman (1924)
as Harry Doolittle
The Luck o' the Foolish (1924)
as The Boy
The First 100 Years (1924)
as A Newly-Wed
His New Mamma (1924)
as A Farmer Boy
The Cat's Meow (1924)
as Eddie Elgin
Shanghaied Lovers (1924)
Smile Please (1924)
as Otto Focus - the Hero
Picking Peaches (1924)
as A Shoe Clerk
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House of Errors (1942)
Road Show (1941)
The Flying Deuces (1939)
Wise Guys (1938)
The Stage Hand (1933)
Heart Trouble (1928)
The Chaser (1928)
The Chaser (1928)
Three's a Crowd (1927)
Long Pants (1927)
Long Pants (1927)
Executive Producer
The Strong Man (1926)