Jack Evans




False Colors (1943)
as Poncho Townsman
Bullets and Saddles (1943)
as Barfly
Blazing Frontier (1943)
as Homesteader
Western Cyclone (1943)
as Barfly
Calling Wild Bill Elliott (1943)
as Townsman
Land of Hunted Men (1943)
as Barfly
The Kid Rides Again (1943)
as Money Courier
Lost Canyon (1942)
as Townsman
Sheriff Of Sage Valley (1942)
as Rancher
Texas Trouble Shooters (1942)
as Barfly
Boot Hill Bandits (1942)
as Townsman
Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)
as Barfly
Forbidden Trails (1941)
as Barfly
Billy The Kid's Round-Up (1941)
as Barfly
Texas (1941)
as Barfly
The Son of Davy Crockett (1941)
as Townsman
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe (1941)
as Poker Player
Wrangler's Roost (1941)
as Barfly
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town (1941)
as Townsman
Billy The Kid's Fighting Pals (1941)
as Barfly
Ridin' the Cherokee Trail (1941)
as Barfly
The Kid's Last Ride (1941)
as Gambler
The Lone Rider Rides On (1941)
as Courtroom Spectator
Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)
as Townsman
Lightning Strikes West (1940)
as Barfly
Texas Stagecoach (1940)
as Workman
The Man from Tumbleweeds (1940)
as Henchman
Bullets for Rustlers (1940)
as Man at Trial
The Cheyenne Kid (1940)
as Barfly
Death Rides the Range (1939)
as Townsman
Riders of the Frontier (1939)
as Henchman
The Frontiersmen (1938)
as Townsman
Bar 20 Justice (1938)
as Miner Evans
Gunsmoke Trail (1938)
as Barfly
Six Shootin' Sheriff (1938)
as Barfly
Knight of the Plains (1938)
as Henchman
Whirlwind Horseman (1938)
as Barfly
The Feud Maker (1938)
as Settler
The Fighting Deputy (1937)
as Henchman Shorty
The Luck of Roaring Camp (1937)
as Juror
The Californian (1937)
as Henchman
Two-Fisted Sheriff (1937)
as Juror
Borderland (1937)
as El Rio Townsman
Valley of Terror (1937)
as Barfly
The Roaming Cowboy (1937)
as Deputy
Stormy Trails (1936)
as Henchman Link Spain
Aces Wild (1936)
as Barfly
Romance Rides the Range (1936)
as Henchman Buck
The Lion's Den (1936)
as Henchman Mike Brown
Skull and Crown (1935)
as Henchman Carter
Western Frontier (1935)
as Barfly
Big Calibre (1935)
as Man at Dance
The Cactus Kid (1935)
as Gambler
Terror of the Plains (1934)
as Henchman Jones
The Man from Hell (1934)
as Barfly
Rawhide Mail (1934)
as Barfly
Rawhide Romance (1934)
as Henchman Butch
Lightning Range (1933)
as Jack Knife
Rainbow Ranch (1933)
as Rider
Unknown Valley (1933)
as Man Pointing Out Gordon
The Fighting Cowboy (1933)
as Henchman Buck
Breed of the Border (1933)
as Dugan - Barfly
The Man from Hell's Edges (1932)
as Brawler