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Regarder Andre the Giant

Regarder Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant (2018)


Directeur: Jason Hehir


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Andre the Giant Review

Samuell United States

I dont get tired of watching this movie.

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

Dedrick Germany

Die Geschichte des Films ist sehr interessant, war ich in der glücklichen Lage, es zu sehen sein.

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André the Giant - Andre the Giant André the Giant
as Himself (archive footage)
Hulk Hogan - Andre the Giant Hulk Hogan
as Himself
Vince McMahon - Andre the Giant Vince McMahon
as Himself
Ric Flair - Andre the Giant Ric Flair
as Himself
Gene Okerlund - Andre the Giant Gene Okerlund
as Himself
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Andre the Giant Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Himself
Billy Crystal - Andre the Giant Billy Crystal
as Himself
Rob Reiner - Andre the Giant Rob Reiner
as Himself
Robin Wright - Andre the Giant Robin Wright
as Herself
Jerry Lawler - Andre the Giant Jerry Lawler
as Himself
Cary Elwes - Andre the Giant Cary Elwes
as Himself
Shane McMahon - Andre the Giant Shane McMahon
as Himself
Richard Henry Blood Sr. - Andre the Giant Richard Henry Blood Sr.
as Himself (archive footage)
Roddy Piper - Andre the Giant Roddy Piper
as Himself (archive footage)
Paul Orndorff - Andre the Giant Paul Orndorff
as Himself (archive footage)
Randy Savage - Andre the Giant Randy Savage
as Himself (archive footage)
Pat Patterson - Andre the Giant Pat Patterson
as Himself
Robert Marella - Andre the Giant Robert Marella
as Himself (archive footage)
Gordon Solie - Andre the Giant Gordon Solie
as Himself (archive footage)
Sylvester Ritter - Andre the Giant Sylvester Ritter
as Himself (archive footage)
Dave Meltzer - Andre the Giant Dave Meltzer
as Himself
Ox Baker - Andre the Giant Ox Baker
as Himself (archive footage)
Khosrow Vaziri - Andre the Giant Khosrow Vaziri
as Himself (archive footage)
Big John Studd - Andre the Giant Big John Studd
as Himself (archive footage)
Ken Patera - Andre the Giant Ken Patera
as Himself (archive footage)
Morley Safer - Andre the Giant Morley Safer
as Himself (archive footage)
Cyndi Lauper - Andre the Giant Cyndi Lauper
as Herself (archive footage)
David Letterman - Andre the Giant David Letterman
as Himself (archive footage)
Andy Warhol - Andre the Giant Andy Warhol
as Himself (archive footage)
Muhammad Ali - Andre the Giant Muhammad Ali
as Himself (archive footage)
Bob Uecker - Andre the Giant Bob Uecker
as Himself (archive footage)
Bobby Heenan - Andre the Giant Bobby Heenan
as Himself (archive footage)
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff - Andre the Giant Robin Christensen-Roussimoff
as Herself
Bruno Sammartino - Andre the Giant Bruno Sammartino
as Himself (archive footage)
Gorilla Monsoon - Andre the Giant Gorilla Monsoon
as Himself (voice) (archive footage)
Chief Jay Strongbow - Andre the Giant Chief Jay Strongbow
as Himself (archive footage)
Don Lane - Andre the Giant Don Lane
as Himself (archive footage)
Jesse Ventura - Andre the Giant Jesse Ventura
as Himself (archive footage)


Production Bill Simmons Producer
Directing Jason Hehir Director
Production Kevin Dunn Executive Producer
Production Rick Bernstein Producer
Sound Thomas Caffey Music
Editing Harris Mendheim Editor
Sound Justin T. Feldman Music Coordinator
Sound Rudy Chung Music Supervisor
Production Anthony Bonsignore Production Accountant
Production Josh Work Production Accountant
Production Victoria Spadaro Production Assistant
Production Jillian Moossmann Production Assistant
Production Vladimir Djurdjevic Production Assistant