Regarder Godzilla: Resurgence

Regarder Godzilla: Resurgence

Godzilla: Resurgence (2016)


Un raz de marée inonde une partie de la côte de Tokyo. Après avoir pensé qu’il s’agissait d’une catastrophe naturelle, les scientifiques se rendent compte que le responsable de ce désastre n’est autre que Godzilla, une créature géante prête à tout détruire sur son passage.

Directeur: Hideaki Anno
écrivain: Hideaki Anno


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Godzilla: Resurgence Review

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

Anthony United States

This movie is very good indeed, is the best movie I guess !!

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

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Hiroki Hasegawa - Godzilla: Resurgence Hiroki Hasegawa
as Rando Yaguchi : Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
Yutaka Takenouchi - Godzilla: Resurgence Yutaka Takenouchi
as Hideki Akasaka : Special Advisor to the Prime Minister(National Security)
Satomi Ishihara - Godzilla: Resurgence Satomi Ishihara
as Kayoko Ann Patterson : US special envoy
Kengo Kora - Godzilla: Resurgence Kengo Kora
as Yuseuke Shimura : Secretary of Rando
Satoru Matsuo - Godzilla: Resurgence Satoru Matsuo
as Syuichi Izumi : Policy Research Council Vice Chairman
Mikako Ichikawa - Godzilla: Resurgence Mikako Ichikawa
as Hiromi Ogashira : Ministry of the Environment Nature / Wildlife Division Deputy Director
Issey Takahashi - Godzilla: Resurgence Issey Takahashi
as Ryu Yasuda : Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Research / Promotion Bureau Director
Kanji Tsuda - Godzilla: Resurgence Kanji Tsuda
as Fumiya Mori : Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare / Research and Development Division Director
Shinya Tsukamoto - Godzilla: Resurgence Shinya Tsukamoto
as Kunio Hazama : Jouhoku University Associate professor
Toru Nomaguchi - Godzilla: Resurgence Toru Nomaguchi
as Tachikawa : Agency for Natural Resources and Energy / Electricity and Gas Industry Department Director
Daisuke Kuroda - Godzilla: Resurgence Daisuke Kuroda
as Tatsuya Negisi : Nuclear Regulatory Agency / Monitoring information Division Director
Ren Osugi - Godzilla: Resurgence Ren Osugi
as Seiji Ookouchi : Prime minister
Kimiko Yo - Godzilla: Resurgence Kimiko Yo
as Reiko Hanamori : Minister of Defense
Akira Emoto - Godzilla: Resurgence Akira Emoto
as Ryuta Azuma : Chief Cabinet Secretary
Sei Hiraizumi - Godzilla: Resurgence Sei Hiraizumi
as Yusuke Satomi : Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Toru Tezuka - Godzilla: Resurgence Toru Tezuka
as Sekiguchi : Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Kenichi Yajima - Godzilla: Resurgence Kenichi Yajima
as Yanagihara : Minister of land, infrastructure and transportation
Akira Hamada - Godzilla: Resurgence Akira Hamada
as Kouno : Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ikuji Nakamura - Godzilla: Resurgence Ikuji Nakamura
as Kanai : Minister of State for Special Missions
Tetsu Watanabe - Godzilla: Resurgence Tetsu Watanabe
as Kooriyama : Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management
Jun Kunimura - Godzilla: Resurgence Jun Kunimura
as Masao Zaizen : JSDF Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Office
Shingo Tsurumi - Godzilla: Resurgence Shingo Tsurumi
as Yajima : JSDF Vice Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Office
Jun Hashimoto - Godzilla: Resurgence Jun Hashimoto
as JSDF Eastern Army Chief of Staff
Pierre Taki - Godzilla: Resurgence Pierre Taki
as Saigo : Operation "TaBa" Combat leader
Takumi Saito - Godzilla: Resurgence Takumi Saito
as 1st. tank squadron captain
KREVA - Godzilla: Resurgence KREVA
as 2nd. tank squadron captain
Ken Mitsuishi - Godzilla: Resurgence Ken Mitsuishi
as Kozuka : Governor of Tokyo
Kyusaku Shimada - Godzilla: Resurgence Kyusaku Shimada
as Katayama : Minister for Foreign Affairs ad interim
Taro Suwa - Godzilla: Resurgence Taro Suwa
as Tahara : Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Disaster Management Division
Yû Kamio - Godzilla: Resurgence Yû Kamio
as Kazekoshi : Executive Secretary to the Prime Minister
Arata Furuta - Godzilla: Resurgence Arata Furuta
as Sawaguchi : Police Agency Commissioner General's Secretariat
Morooka Moro - Godzilla: Resurgence Morooka Moro
as National Police Agency Criminal Investigation Bureau Director-General
Kôsei Katô - Godzilla: Resurgence Kôsei Katô
as National Police Agency in charge of crisis management officer
Shohei Abe - Godzilla: Resurgence Shohei Abe
as Fire and Disaster Management Agency in charge of crisis management officer
Keisuke Koide - Godzilla: Resurgence Keisuke Koide
as Firefighters of Tokyo Fire Department
Hairi Katagiri - Godzilla: Resurgence Hairi Katagiri
as Prime Minister's Office staff
Suzuki Matsuo - Godzilla: Resurgence Suzuki Matsuo
as Hayafune : Free Journalist
Takehiro Miura - Godzilla: Resurgence Takehiro Miura
as Journalist
Yôta Kawase - Godzilla: Resurgence Yôta Kawase
as Journalist
Ren Mori - Godzilla: Resurgence Ren Mori
as Evacuees
Atsuko Maeda - Godzilla: Resurgence Atsuko Maeda
as Evacuees Aqua tunnel
Kazuo Hara - Godzilla: Resurgence Kazuo Hara
as Biology professor
Isshin Inudô - Godzilla: Resurgence Isshin Inudô
as Ancient biologist
Akira Ogata - Godzilla: Resurgence Akira Ogata
as Marine biologist
Hideaki Anno - Godzilla: Resurgence Hideaki Anno
as Bus Driver
Kihachi Okamoto - Godzilla: Resurgence Kihachi Okamoto
as Dr.Goro Maki
Mansai Nomura - Godzilla: Resurgence Mansai Nomura
as Godzilla
Mayumi Ogawa - Godzilla: Resurgence Mayumi Ogawa
Katsuhiko Yokomitsu - Godzilla: Resurgence Katsuhiko Yokomitsu
Yusuke Sugiyama - Godzilla: Resurgence Yusuke Sugiyama


Directing Hideaki Anno Director
Sound Akira Ifukube Music
Writing Hideaki Anno Screenplay
Art Mahiro Maeda Art Direction
Visual Effects Atsuki Sato Visual Effects Supervisor
Production Akihiro Yamauchi Executive Producer
Crew Toshio Miike Visual Effects Art Director
Sound Hideaki Anno Sound Designer
Sound Shiro Sagisu Original Music Composer
Production Kensei Mori Line Producer
Crew Kazuaki Sekiyama Special Effects
Directing Katsuro Onoue Assistant Director
Visual Effects Katsuro Onoue Visual Effects
Crew Kosuke Yamada Cinematography
Production Yoshihiro Satô Producer
Production Masaya Shibusawa Producer
Production Taichi Ueda Producer
Production Kazutoshi Wadakura Producer
Editing Hideaki Anno Editor
Editing Atsuki Sato Editor
Production Tsuyoshi Sugino Casting
Art Eri Sakushima Art Direction
Art Akira Sakamoto Set Decoration
Art Toshiaki Takahashi Set Decoration
Visual Effects Takashi Yamazaki Visual Effects
Visual Effects Shinji Higuchi Visual Effects Technical Director
Sound Chris Laurence Musician
Directing Shinji Higuchi Co-Director